Cyclists 'almost as likely' to injure pedestrians as cars

Talking Point Mon 27 Jan, AT 14:23

Once distance travelled is factored into accident statistics not much separates riders and drivers

Lance Armstrong 'showed too little contrition' with Oprah

First Reaction Fri 18 Jan, AT 10:23

Interview was a triumph for Winfrey, some say, but disgraced cyclist still has questions to answer

Lance Armstrong 'considering public doping confession'

Talking Point Sun 6 Jan, AT 13:32

Champion cyclist may come clean about drugs, but faces serious legal repercussions if he does

Burry Stander

Olympic biker Burry Stander's death highlights road perils

First Reaction Fri 4 Jan, AT 11:05

Calls for measures to protect elite cyclists as yet another rider falls victim to dangerous roads

Bradley Wiggins crash offers reminder of sport’s dangers

Talking Point Thu 8 Nov, AT 09:25

Tour de France winner suffers suspected broken ribs after coming off his bike in collision with van

Lance Armstrong

Armstrong told to pay back Tour de France prize money

One-Minute Read Tue 23 Oct, AT 10:26

Shamed cyclist loses more sponsors as he faces heavy financial penalty for doping

Wiggins: 'I was lucky to avoid Armstrong drugs conspiracy'

First Post Fri 12 Oct, AT 09:28

Shocked Tour de France champ thanks British Cycling system for keeping him clean

Lance Armstrong Tour de France

Armstrong a 'jazzed-up liar' but Livestrong charity might survive

Talking Point Thu 11 Oct, AT 15:28

US media turns on cyclist Armstrong after Usada dossier destroys his reputation

Mark Cavendish

Wiggins and Cavendish shun Olympic fun for Tour of Britain

One-Minute Read Mon 10 Sep, AT 14:27

Cyclists take on the Peak District as other Olympians celebrate with today’s parade through London