10 Jul, 2015

Paris is changing the law, and tests show that cyclists who jump red lights are less likely to be hit by cars

02 Jun, 2015

Cyclist and 4x4 owner in expletive-ridden row: 'I'll smash your f***ing teeth down your throat'

27 Jan, 2015

Shamed cyclist says he would 'probably' still take drugs if he was racing in the 1990s, but not in 2015

09 Oct, 2014

Proposed river route would relieve congestion and save cyclists 30 minutes on their commute, say developers

27 Jan, 2014

Once distance travelled is factored into accident statistics not much separates riders and drivers

18 Jan, 2013

Interview was a triumph for Winfrey, some say, but disgraced cyclist still has questions to answer

06 Jan, 2013

Champion cyclist may come clean about drugs, but faces serious legal repercussions if he does

Burry Stander
04 Jan, 2013

Calls for measures to protect elite cyclists as yet another rider falls victim to dangerous roads

08 Nov, 2012

Tour de France winner suffers suspected broken ribs after coming off his bike in collision with van

Lance Armstrong
23 Oct, 2012

Shamed cyclist loses more sponsors as he faces heavy financial penalty for doping