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Telegraph hits back at Peter Oborne’s ‘astonishing’ attack

First Reaction
Wed 18 Feb, AT 10:29

But political commentator’s decision to quit over ‘lack’ of HSBC coverage is praised by other journalists


Dan Hodges, Ed Miliband and a touch of class warfare

Thu 8 May, AT 12:20
Nigel Horne

Telegraph blogger goes ballistic over Labour’s new party political spoof. Does he have a point?


Miliband calls for cap on MPs' earnings after Pritchard claim

Wed 6 Nov, AT 10:34
The Mole

Sleaze is back on the agenda as Tory MP gets caught in Telegraph sting - but has he broken any rules?

Lords for sale? How the lobbying crisis unfolded

Mon 3 Jun, AT 10:50

Claims a Tory MP and three peers accepted cash for lobbying unmasks the 'murkier side of politics'

Maracana fiasco raises Brazil World Cup and Olympic fears

First Reaction
Fri 31 May, AT 10:49

England friendly match in Rio suspended by judge over stadium safety concerns but then reinstated

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett: Why I confronted Woolwich attackers

Thu 23 May, AT 10:01

Mother-of-two pictured speaking to knife-wielding assailant told him: 'You are going to lose'

Tia Sharp: Hazell took picture of dead girl after 'sex attack'

One-Minute Read
Wed 8 May, AT 09:36

Jurors and family reduced to tears by distressing evidence against Tia's 'step-grandfather'

H7N9 bird flu outbreak could pose 'serious risk' says WHO

First Reaction
Thu 2 May, AT 15:07

New strain of disease has already killed 24 people in China and is mutating rapidly

Cameron battles UKIP threat with guarantee of EU vote

First Reaction
Thu 2 May, AT 09:20

UKIP's surge prompts embattled PM to harden EU referendum promise by 'enshrining it in law'

Google releases video tutorial on how Glass will change lives

Wed 1 May, AT 12:42

A one-minute film explains the finer points of the Glass touchpad and the cards used to display data