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Will personalised news narrow our minds not broaden them?

Fri 17 Oct, AT 10:37
Holden Frith

News algorithms that allow you to hear only the news you want to hear carry profound disadvantages

Nelson Mandela obituaries: from tribal prince to world statesman

Fri 6 Dec, AT 14:53

Obituaries for Nelson Mandela tell the story of an unruly young man who grew into a great leader

Does starting school at four cause damage to children?

Talking Point
Thu 12 Sep, AT 15:40

Education experts claim children should spend more years playing rather than in formal classes

Kelvin Mackenzie joins Daily Telegraph as paywall goes up

Media Watch
Thu 4 Apr, AT 13:27

Former Sun editor unveiled as new online columnist... and heaps praise on Murdoch

Sun and Telegraph to put up paywalls for online content

First Reaction
Wed 27 Mar, AT 11:08

Free online journalism is 'untenable' say newspapers as they plan to charge web readers


Why's Boris in the spotlight? Because Dave's a 'lame duck'

Tue 26 Mar, AT 10:46
The Mole

The disappointing PM: Daily Telegraph slams Cameron's 'erratic judgment' and 'casual insensitivity' to Tory MPs

Torygraph and Tories at war: how did it come to this?

Media Watch
Thu 13 Dec, AT 09:59

Number Ten denies the Culture Secretary's part in implementing Leveson was used to threaten paper

For and against Leveson: two big Fleet Street guns take aim

Talking Point
Fri 30 Nov, AT 11:11

Ex-editor denounces misguided missile, while one investigative reporter says there's nothing to fear