Dalai Lama

China rift with UK over Dalai Lama 'puts billions at risk'

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Tue 7 May, AT 11:10

Frosty relations risks investment in infrastructure with PM 'not welcome' in China until UK apologises

Pope takes to Twitter, but the Papal account won't be banal

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Mon 3 Dec, AT 12:32

Catholic Church leader has opened a Twitter account, but he won't be firing off messages from his Blackberry

Sunday papers

Furious Leveson threatened to quit inquiry after Gove criticism

Sunday Papers
Sun 17 Jun, AT 10:19

From the Sunday papers: Leveson anger, Greek fears and Harry Potter as the Antichrist

Free Tibet protest

Third Tibetan protester to burn himself to death in three days

First Post
Tue 6 Mar, AT 11:02

Three self-immolations overshadow national state meeting in China and mark anniversaries of unrest

Dalai Lama

Twitter boasts 100 million users as it plans more ads

Fri 9 Sep, AT 15:30

But the social networking site appears to have no immediate plans for a stock market flotation

Cringes all round as TV man tells Dalai Lama pizza joke

Tue 14 Jun, AT 10:37

Hapless Australian TV presenter has to explain lame joke to Tibetan spiritual leader (with video)

Jigme Norbu

Dalai Lama’s nephew killed during Free Tibet walk

Tue 15 Feb, AT 12:14
Venetia Rainey

Jigme Norbu was killed in a road accident during a charity walk in Florida

Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama joins Kutcher and Fry on Twitter

Thu 4 Mar, AT 14:40

Buddhist spiritual leader starts tweeting – after admitting he had never heard of Tiger Woods