Syria: Is Western military intervention inevitable?

Tue 27 Aug, AT 11:35

US and UK warships said to be on their way to Syria following alleged chemical attacks by Assad regime

Syria gas attack: defence chief prepares 'scenarios' for action

Thu 22 Aug, AT 10:22
The Mole

Will Damascus prove to be a 'Srebrenica moment' when anti-interventionists realise it's time to act?

Syria gas attack: death toll at 1,400 worst since Halabja

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Thu 22 Aug, AT 09:18

Attack on Damascus could represent most significant use of chemical weapons since Saddam attacks Iraqi Kurds

Turkey set to deploy Patriot missiles on Syrian border

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Tue 4 Dec, AT 16:01

Turkish request to Nato comes as fears grow of Assad using chemical weapons

Bashar al-Assad

Syria rebels kill brother of Parliamentary Speaker

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Tue 6 Nov, AT 14:51

Meanwhile, David Cameron says he would give Assad free passage out of Syria if it would end the bloodshed

Syria and Turkey 'close to war’ after 'air piracy’ incident

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Thu 11 Oct, AT 12:30

Neighbours thought to be sliding towards war after Turkey intercepts plane carrying 'illegal cargo’

Rebels bomb Syria army HQ in new blow to heart of Assad regime

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Wed 26 Sep, AT 14:50

Twin bombing comes just days after Free Syrian Army moved command centre from Turkey to Syria

Spectre of Srebrenica as US warns of massacre in Aleppo

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Fri 27 Jul, AT 08:57

Rebels stockpile arms and medicines as Syrian forces start bombarding country's second city

UK might have to intervene in Syria, says top army man

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Wed 25 Jul, AT 10:03

'We do not always choose which wars to fight,' says man who led British troops in Afghanistan

Bashar al-Assad

President Assad has agreed to go, says Russian diplomat

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Fri 20 Jul, AT 14:58

Ambassador to France says Syrian leader has 'accepted' he must leave, but regime calls report 'baseless'