Syrian rebels seize borders in latest blow for Assad

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Fri 20 Jul, AT 09:14

Border with Iraq and key Turkish frontier posts now in rebel hands, but China and Russia block progress at UN

Syrian rebels 'hit the jackpot' as bomb strikes at Assad's heart

Talking Point
Thu 19 Jul, AT 08:57

Key advisers killed in audacious Damascus blast, but how will Russia react?

Bashar al-Assad

As bomb strikes regime and rebels attack, is this the end of Assad?

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Wed 18 Jul, AT 14:30

The Syrian capital is in turmoil as bomb kills senior regime members and rebel forces mount all-out assault

Syrian prime minister Riad Hijab 'defects with three ministers'

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Mon 6 Aug, AT 11:42

'Rats are fleeing the ship' says Syria analyst as regime loses its highest profile member yet

Bashar al-Assad

Assad accuses United States of backing rebel 'terrorists'

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Mon 9 Jul, AT 12:30

Syrian president uses German TV interview to rule out any possibility of standing down

Homs child, Syria

Syria looks more like Bosnia than Libya, says William Hague

Fri 8 Jun, AT 09:33

Foreign Secretary warns of descent into sectarian violence with village turning against village

Homs child, Syria

Massacre of children in Houla is a 'game-changer' for Syria

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Mon 28 May, AT 09:28

Killing of 49 children by Assad regime has galvanised attempts to persuade China and Russia to fall into line on Syria

Syria: Damascus suicide car bombs kill at least 55

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Thu 10 May, AT 14:10

Two rush-hour blasts kill dozens and injure over 372 near Syrian intelligence headquarters