Dan Hodges


Who's running Labour? War of words over union 'infiltration'

Tue 2 Jul, AT 16:48
The Mole

Ed Miliband told to stand up to unions after blogger says Unite trying to impose its candidate in Falkirk

Tory MPs want 'Thatcher Day', burka ban and death penalty

First Reaction
Fri 21 Jun, AT 16:20

Alternative Queen's Speech proposed by group of backbenchers - is it to embarrass Cameron?

BBC attacked over interview with Tommy Robinson of EDL

Talking Point
Tue 11 Jun, AT 15:30

Leader of far right group given platform on Today show 'to spout lies and anti-Muslim sentiment'

Protestors who abused Farage in Edinburgh are a 'disgrace'

First Reaction
Fri 17 May, AT 13:10

UKIP leader calls mob 'fascist scum' but supporters say he won't stop engaging with those who hate him

How Mick Philpott case and the welfare debate collided

Media Watch
Wed 3 Apr, AT 14:00

Depiction of the child killer as a product of the welfare state sparks outrage as row over cuts intensifies


EU debate: Miliband wriggles off Naughtie's kebab skewer

Thu 17 Jan, AT 12:51
The Mole

Labour leader desperately avoids answering big EU question: will Labour allow a referendum?

George Osborne

Balls and Osborne go toe to toe in Commons banking debate

Talking Point
Fri 6 Jul, AT 08:09

Commons turned into a boxing ring as the two political heavyweights slug it out

Ed Miliband Labour leader

Ed Miliband on immigration: brave, mature or opportunist?

First Reaction
Fri 22 Jun, AT 16:10

The Labour leader admits his party 'got it wrong' and pledges to take action


Purge of the Blairites takes Labour back to the 1970s

Wed 20 Jun, AT 07:55
The Mole

The GMB union's campaign to ban think tank Progress has a period ring to it


Louise Mensch Twitter trolls face prosecution, says police chief

Thu 3 May, AT 10:03
The Mole

Tory MP was abused after disagreeing that Rupert Murdoch was not fit to run News Corp