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Alex Oxlade Chamberlain Daniel Sturridge dance

The Ox vs Sturridge in England World Cup dance-off

Fri 23 May, AT 12:27

World Cup whispers: England squad numbers revealed after golf pranks and a dance war

Lest We Forget – reviews of ENB's 'ambitious' new ballets

Hot Ticket
Mon 7 Apr, AT 08:00

New dance works commemorating WWI thrill many critics, but for some they trivialise the suffering

Christmas party warning after Gagnam Style dance death

One-Minute Read
Wed 12 Dec, AT 16:37

'Let the lady dance around you' says cardiologist after father-of-three collapse and dies

Scientists discover the secret of sexy dancing

Wed 8 Sep, AT 18:29

Video: A study reveals that throwing arms and legs around is not enough - a good dancer puts his back into it


Thu 30 Jul, AT 11:29

An amusing Gallic comedy about two teachers who love Latin dancing

Merce Cunningham's Dance Company

US choreographer Merce Cunningham dies aged 90

Tue 28 Jul, AT 14:54

The pioneering choreographer worked with Martha Graham and collaborated with John Cage, Andy Warhol and Radiohead