Danny Boyle

Babylon: Danny Boyle depicts cops paralysed by crisis – and PR

Mon 10 Feb, AT 10:30
Holden Frith

Where 'The Thick of It' portrayed inept politicos, Babylon's police officers are stricken by doubt

How did we fall out of love with NHS? Easy. It's election politics

Tue 16 Jul, AT 11:09
The Mole

Labour MPs see the hand of No 10 election strategist Lynton Crosby behind the current NHS horror-fest

Olympic cauldron was 'copy' of our design says US agency

One-Minute Read
Thu 20 Jun, AT 12:02

Heatherwick Studio denies it got idea for 'flaming dandelion' from New York design agency, Atopia

Why Queen agreed to 'jump out of sky' for Danny Boyle

One-Minute Read
Thu 28 Mar, AT 11:37

Olympics opening ceremony director reveals monarch was easy to direct and made up her own lines

Psycho-flop: has Danny Boyle lost his golden touch?

First Reaction
Thu 21 Mar, AT 15:35

'Smoking hot' Rosario Dawson can't stop art heist becoming tangled in its own twists and turns

David Bowie back on top with No. 1 album and hit show

One-Minute Read
Mon 18 Mar, AT 14:08

Singer's comeback is complete thanks to first No. 1 in 20 years and demand for V&A retrospective

Danny Boyle

Danny Boyle: Trainspotting 2 could star Ewan McGregor

One-Minute Read
Tue 12 Mar, AT 12:10

Olympic ceremony director hopes to mark 20th anniversary of landmark film with Porno sequel

Danny Boyle wins theatre award for Olympics opening ceremony

One-Minute Read
Mon 26 Nov, AT 08:32

Director uses Evening Standard Awards night to plead for increased support for arts from UK government

Why shouldn't Tower Hamlets sell off its £20m Henry Moore?

Talking Point
Thu 8 Nov, AT 11:35

London council's decision to cash in on sculpture donated by the artist has provoked howls of anguish