The Dark Knight Rises

07 Jan, 2013

Gunman James Holmes may not have to face trial; victims' families hurt by cinema re-opening

26 Jul, 2012

Trailer promptly pulled from the internet but not before online reviewers saw it

23 Jul, 2012

Box office insiders claim new Batman film broke records for 2D film takings on its opening weekend

23 Jul, 2012

As suspect appears in court, mother who lost her six-year-old daughter appears to have kept her baby

17 Jul, 2012

The final Batman instalment is long, confused, and lacks a Joker, but it’s still a blockbuster

Leonardo Dicaprio in J Edgar
30 Dec, 2011

Batman, hobbits and Sacha Baron Cohen... A sneak preview of next year's eagerly awaited films

25 Nov, 2011

Director Nolan reveals The Dark Knight Rises takes place eight years after last instalment

Anne Hathaway
05 Aug, 2011

Warner Bros has released the first official picture of the actress from the new Batman film The Dark Knight Rises

Terminator: Salvation
18 Feb, 2011

Reboot round-up: Cotillard tipped for Batman role and why Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man is 'amazing'