The Dark Knight Rises

Batman massacre suspect could be declared insane

One-Minute Read
Mon 7 Jan, AT 13:47

Gunman James Holmes may not have to face trial; victims' families hurt by cinema re-opening

Cloud Atlas trailer leaked: what can we expect from the film?

First Reaction
Thu 26 Jul, AT 15:24

Trailer promptly pulled from the internet but not before online reviewers saw it


The Dark Knight Rises to top of US box office despite massacre

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Mon 23 Jul, AT 16:14

Box office insiders claim new Batman film broke records for 2D film takings on its opening weekend

Batman shooting: 'miraculous' escape for unborn baby

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Mon 23 Jul, AT 13:02

As suspect appears in court, mother who lost her six-year-old daughter appears to have kept her baby

The Dark Knight Rises to mixed reviews as critics miss Ledger

First Reaction
Tue 17 Jul, AT 13:34

The final Batman instalment is long, confused, and lacks a Joker, but it’s still a blockbuster

Leonardo Dicaprio in J Edgar

Coming to a cinema near you: movie cheat sheet for 2012

Fri 30 Dec, AT 05:00

Batman, hobbits and Sacha Baron Cohen... A sneak preview of next year's eagerly awaited films

It’s Bruce Wayne vs Bane in final Batman film

One-Minute Read
Fri 25 Nov, AT 15:51

Director Nolan reveals The Dark Knight Rises takes place eight years after last instalment

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway wears leather for Catwoman shot

Fri 5 Aug, AT 14:35

Warner Bros has released the first official picture of the actress from the new Batman film The Dark Knight Rises

Terminator: Salvation

He'll be back? Universal could resurrect Terminator

Fri 18 Feb, AT 10:59

Reboot round-up: Cotillard tipped for Batman role and why Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man is 'amazing'