David Davis

London police

Thousands of 'innocent' people on police photo database

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Tue 3 Feb, AT 09:58

Mugshots were uploaded without Home Office approval, but police insist the database is invaluable

The Mole

PM ‘must persuade Merkel he's not bluffing about leaving EU'

Wed 7 Jan, AT 10:18
The Mole

Tory eurosceptic David Davis says German leader must understand Cameron is not sabre-rattling

Guantanamo Bay prison

CIA torture report redacted at request of British spies

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Fri 12 Dec, AT 12:38

Downing Street admits information was censored on 'national security grounds', but denies complicity

Ukip leader Nigel Farage

Study: most Ukip voters ‘will stick with party’

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Sat 31 May, AT 07:49

New study contradicts ‘protest vote’ theory, giving Nigel Farage's general election hopes a boost


Tory discipline breaks down as PPS vows to back EU rebels

Mon 13 May, AT 11:37
The Mole

Gove's PPS says he'll vote for rebel amendment while David Davis throws champagne party for Mad Nad


May defeats PM on alcohol pricing: it's enough to drive him to drink

Wed 13 Mar, AT 10:01
The Mole

Even Cameron's ally Michael Gove could see this was bad Tory politics - though the doctors are furious

Dinner 'plot' to unseat coalition and even oust David Cameron

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Thu 7 Mar, AT 09:27

Times claims senior right-wingers attended dinner as Tories 'jostle for position' in case PM is challenged

David Cameron 'crisis' if Tories lose in Eastleigh - David Davis

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Thu 28 Feb, AT 14:04

Voting has begun in Chris Huhne's old seat and the stakes are high for the Conservative leader

Free to call a police horse gay: Section 5 reformed at last

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Tue 15 Jan, AT 12:42

Removal of controversial 'insult' clause from Public Order Act is a victory for campaigners