David Dimbleby

David Dimbleby
12 Nov, 2013

Broadcaster says his wife was 'mildly amused' but insists he won't be having 'private parts decorated'

David Dimbleby
28 May, 2013

Broadcaster proud to be member of Oxford society, which was 'very different' before PM joined its ranks

22 Nov, 2012

But new boss might be controversial for some older BBC staff, as he was close to the unpopular John Birt

12 Nov, 2012

Former Today editor says BBC needs decent journalists to run the show instead of 'grey legions'

12 Nov, 2012

I'm the man for the job, says Question Time host – but many would like to see an outsider brought in

12 Nov, 2012


Head of news and her deputy step aside as acting DG Tim Davie attempts to deal with firestorm at the BBC

John Lydon and Louise Mensch on BBC Question Time
06 Jul, 2012

Sex Pistols frontman's persistent interruptions and bizarre contributions likened to a 'ranting drunk'

Jeremy Paxman
28 Jun, 2012

As commenters rally round 30-year-old Chloe Smith, former current affairs boss says age gap is becoming an issue

Boris Johnson
27 Apr, 2012

If Boris loses to Ken, he can step up for the bigger prize and take on the beleaguered Cameron

David Dimbleby
07 Feb, 2011

Dimbleby offered five more years in Question Time chair - but will he go to Glasgow?