David Kelly

Newsnight debacle: BBC is no good at investigative journalism

Talking Point
Mon 12 Nov, AT 13:57

Former Today editor says BBC needs decent journalists to run the show instead of 'grey legions'

The BBC needs downsizing: if Patten can't see it, he should go

Mon 12 Nov, AT 08:47
Richard Ehrman

Is the BBC too big to be manageable? Channel 4's output is just as highly rated and it is more adept at avoiding pitfalls

Lord Justice Leveson

Will Leveson inquiry leave us with more than happy memories?

Tue 29 May, AT 07:53
Richard Ehrman

Lord Leveson is in a very familiar dilemma: take on the press and be savaged, or roll over and be dismissed as a patsy

What stops Ed Miliband and the Daily Mail being friends

Mon 7 Nov, AT 07:43
The Mole

Editor Paul Dacre's feelings about spin doctor prevent two-pronged attack on 'traitor' Cameron

David Cameron

Doctors slam Cameron for opposing Dr Kelly inquest

Thu 19 May, AT 13:18

But PM's intervention may boost legal action to force investigation into Iraq weapons expert's suicide

David Kelly

Mystery helicopter fuels Dr Kelly conspiracy theories

Sun 15 May, AT 11:27

‘If the purpose of the helicopter flight was innocent, one has to ask why it was kept secret’, says doctor

David Kelly

Kelly’s death was textbook suicide, says pathologist

Mon 23 Aug, AT 08:00

Man who conducted Kelly’s autopsy seeks to put conspiracy theories to rest

David Kelly

‘Extremely unlikely’ Dr Kelly died from blood loss

Fri 13 Aug, AT 15:42

Legal and medical experts call for ‘proper inquest’ into Iraq whistleblower’s death

David Kelly

‘Not much blood’: Dr Kelly detective casts new doubt

Mon 9 Aug, AT 07:58

Mystery of Dr Kelly’s death deepens as police officer admits there was a ‘third man’ at the scene