David Kelly

Kelly’s death was textbook suicide, says pathologist

News Mon 23 Aug, AT 08:00

Man who conducted Kelly’s autopsy seeks to put conspiracy theories to rest

David Kelly

‘Extremely unlikely’ Dr Kelly died from blood loss

News Fri 13 Aug, AT 15:42

Legal and medical experts call for ‘proper inquest’ into Iraq whistleblower’s death

David Kelly

‘Not much blood’: Dr Kelly detective casts new doubt

News Mon 9 Aug, AT 07:58

Mystery of Dr Kelly’s death deepens as police officer admits there was a ‘third man’ at the scene

David Kelly

Dr Kelly ‘exterminated’ by agents: true or false?

Mon 26 Jul, AT 16:45 Robert Fox

Robert Fox on the growing suspicion that the Iraq inquiries are meant to pull the wool over our eyes

David Kelly

David Kelly ‘was too weak to have killed himself’

News Thu 1 Jul, AT 16:16

New claims cast doubt on the official account of whistleblower's death

David Kelly

David Kelly: woman friend calls for inquiry

News Mon 20 Jul, AT 12:04

American sergeant who worked with Kelly in Iraq joins call for a new investigation into his ‘suicide’