David Mitchell

Longlist for the 2014 Man Booker Prize announced

Booker prize 2014: who is going to win?

Mon 13 Oct, AT 15:22

Mukherjee's ambitious saga is a firm favourite for the Man Booker prize, but Jacobson's sinister novel is in with a chance

The Ambassadors goes for easy laughs in diplomatic caper - review

Thu 24 Oct, AT 08:56
Holden Frith

Not a peep out of the satirists who might have given David Mitchell and Robert Webb’s new show some edge

Cloud Atlas is 'bonkers' but audiences won't be bored

Thu 21 Feb, AT 13:35

Even its silliest elements are 'guilty pleasures' say critics as Cloud Atlas comes to UK cinemas

Fifty Shades author EL James wins a good sex award

One-Minute Read
Wed 5 Dec, AT 09:17

Canada's Nancy Huston gets Bad Sex award while 'mummy porn' author wins popular fiction trophy

Cloud Atlas: will any film-goers comprehend this 'mud soup'?

Thu 25 Oct, AT 11:37

Critics say new film is a 'bloated, self-indulgent slog' - but maybe they just don't 'get it'

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas: an Oscar-worthy epic or an unparalleled disaster?

First Reaction
Mon 10 Sep, AT 11:01

Standing ovation for adaptation at Toronto Film Festival but some critics are left with a headache

Cloud Atlas trailer leaked: what can we expect from the film?

First Reaction
Thu 26 Jul, AT 15:24

Trailer promptly pulled from the internet but not before online reviewers saw it

10 oclock live

10 O’Clock Live: nice try, shame about the jokes

Fri 21 Jan, AT 12:24
Venetia Rainey

What the critics are saying about the launch of C4’s news-cum-comedy show