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David Petraeus

Gen Petraeus and the torture units: the other story of the Iraq Surge

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Thu 7 Mar, AT 16:01

James Steele, veteran of US dirty wars in South America, also implicated in treatment of Sunnis

Jill Kelley honoured by Petraeus for 'selfless' party-throwing

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Fri 23 Nov, AT 09:39

Joint Chiefs of Staff medal was awarded to Tampa socialite in 2011 for 'promoting camaraderie'

Crispin Black

David Petraeus: a personality cult with a zipper problem

Thu 15 Nov, AT 10:30
Crispin Black

Many saw Petraeus as a future president. But the truth is he was overrated – and not just by Paula Broadwell

Who's who in the top-brass sex scandal gripping America

Wed 14 Nov, AT 16:18

A writer, a socialite and thousands of emails have unseated a CIA director and now threaten an army general

General John Allen Afghanistan

Can Allen do better than Petraeus in Afghanistan?

Mon 18 Jul, AT 15:26

New commander of Western forces knows he faces a tough task fighting Taliban as troops withdraw

General David Petraeus

Pentagon denies Petraeus exit but questions remain

Wed 16 Feb, AT 15:52

General will leave post this year claims the Times. Will he have enough time to run for president?

Pastor Terry Jones

Hypocrisy surrounds Rev Jones’ bonfire of Korans

Thu 9 Sep, AT 12:29
Alexander Cockburn

Alexander Cockburn: Clinton, Petraeus, Lieberman... every one a hypocrite in their denunciation of Rev Jones