David Starkey

Mary Beard
24 Jan, 2013

Mary Beard scandal suggests Britain’s attitude to successful women is ‘broken’

25 Jun, 2012

'I will not be lectured to by you' says TV historian, jabbing his finger at the radical blogger

David Starkey historian
24 Jun, 2012

Radical journalist got into furious row with TV historian after 'foothills of the Punjab' remarks

David Starkey historian
11 May, 2012

Historian courts yet more controversy calling for ethnic minorities to be made 'English citizens'

David Starkey historian
19 Apr, 2012

Historian courts controversy by saying Führer was 'more democratically elected' than Scottish leader

Starkey and Maitlis
04 Oct, 2011

Historian comes out fighting as Ofcom declines to investigate Newsnight over ‘racist’ comments

David Starkey historian
26 Aug, 2011

Academics say his analysis of the UK riots would ‘disgrace a first-year history undergraduate’

David Starkey historian
14 Aug, 2011

Historian under fire for claiming that ‘the whites have become black’ during riot debate

Pope Benedict XVI
26 Oct, 2009

Invitation to convert to Rome looks to have hooked its first big Anglican fish