David Starkey

Mary Beard

Why do Brits have a problem with clever females?

Talking Point
Thu 24 Jan, AT 13:00

Mary Beard scandal suggests Britain’s attitude to successful women is ‘broken’

Videos show Laurie Penny and 'dinosaur' Starkey in full rant

Mon 25 Jun, AT 14:45

'I will not be lectured to by you' says TV historian, jabbing his finger at the radical blogger

David Starkey historian

Why Laurie Penny called David Starkey 'racist' - and what came next

One-Minute Read
Sun 24 Jun, AT 15:04

Radical journalist got into furious row with TV historian after 'foothills of the Punjab' remarks

David Starkey historian

David Starkey: Rochdale sex ring is Pakistani 'cultural norm'

One-Minute Read
Fri 11 May, AT 09:03

Historian courts yet more controversy calling for ethnic minorities to be made 'English citizens'

David Starkey historian

David Starkey brands Alex Salmond a 'Caledonian Hitler'

One-Minute Read
Thu 19 Apr, AT 12:30

Historian courts controversy by saying Führer was 'more democratically elected' than Scottish leader

Starkey and Maitlis

David Starkey calls Emily Maitlis ‘disgraceful’

Tue 4 Oct, AT 11:45

Historian comes out fighting as Ofcom declines to investigate Newsnight over ‘racist’ comments

David Starkey historian

Historians join attack on Starkey’s riot race claims

Fri 26 Aug, AT 16:59

Academics say his analysis of the UK riots would ‘disgrace a first-year history undergraduate’

David Starkey historian

Starkey accused of racism over ‘black culture’ claims

Sun 14 Aug, AT 14:50

Historian under fire for claiming that ‘the whites have become black’ during riot debate

Pope Benedict XVI

Bishop ready to defect and join Pope Benedict

Mon 26 Oct, AT 06:53

Invitation to convert to Rome looks to have hooked its first big Anglican fish