Davos: Pharrell Williams kicks off World Economic Forum

Wed 21 Jan, AT 10:36

Tension at Davos between 'saving the world and having a blast' may be 'particularly acute' this year

Mark Carney says interest rate hike 'taken off the table'

One-Minute Read
Fri 24 Jan, AT 09:19

BoE governor insists fast-recovering job market won't force the central bank's hand on rates

Iran's Rouhani goes on 'charm offensive', but Israel left out

First Reaction
Thu 23 Jan, AT 14:52

New president woos Davos delegates with call for 'constructive engagement' and economic partnerships

IMF growth upgrade: Tories' chance to taunt Ed Balls

Tue 21 Jan, AT 10:19
The Mole

Good economic news for George Osborne means whispering campaign against Balls will continue


That EU speech: pundits predict big Tory swing in opinion polls

Thu 24 Jan, AT 09:31
The Mole

While David Cameron will be framing today's Mail front page, for Ed Miliband it was a day to forget

Phew! Surely Stephen Hester will get his knighthood now

Mon 30 Jan, AT 09:42
The Mole

By declining his £1m shares bonus, Hester may have helped Cameron avert a national strike

Mick Jagger

Jagger's Cameron snub: why politics and showbiz don't mix

Talking Point
Thu 26 Jan, AT 11:50

Mick Jagger might know a thing or two about money, but celebrity endorsements are always a bad idea


Pure genius: If you want to understand Davos, start in 1785

Thu 26 Jan, AT 07:05
Michael Bywater

What a story of priests and corpses, of glamour and decay, can tell us about the world we live in now

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger becomes latest rock star to reject Cameron

One-Minute Read
Wed 25 Jan, AT 08:16

Rolling Stones frontman pulls out of Davos tea party after suggestions he is a 'closet Tory'