Meriam Ibrahim, sentenced to death for apostasy

Meriam Ibrahim freed by Sudanese court

One-Minute Read Tue 24 Jun, AT 08:38

Death sentence for apostasy overturned as Meriam Ibrahim is given her freedom

A death chamber in Southern Ohio

Botched execution: Arizona prisoner takes two hours to die

Briefing Thu 24 Jul, AT 10:14

Another botched lethal injection reignites debate over 'experimental' drugs used to carry out death penalty


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: US seeks death penalty for bomb suspect

One-Minute Read Fri 31 Jan, AT 10:18

Call for 20yr-old to face the ultimate penalty was expected, but it sets scene for 'wrenching' trial

Ariel Castro's fate: electric chair or an endless prison term?

Summary Fri 10 May, AT 08:56

Phillip Garrido's prison term was 431 years – and there was only one victim, Jaycee Lee Dugard, in his case

British drug smuggler Lindsay Sandiford faces firing squad

One-Minute Read Mon 8 Apr, AT 10:24

Grandmother caught with 4.8kg of cocaine on flight from Bangkok loses appeal against death sentence

New law could be named after Delhi gang-rape victim

Talking Point Wed 2 Jan, AT 12:42

Family supports idea of naming 23-year-old so that law can be named in her honour

Manchester police

Two police officers dead: is it time to arm the British police?

Talking Point Wed 19 Sep, AT 10:07

Murder of two female officers in Manchester prompts Tebbit to call for death penalty

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Who are the 9/11 suspects and what are they charged with?

Briefing Thu 5 Apr, AT 08:45

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, alleged mastermind of attacks, and four others face death penalty

Priti Patel on Question Time

Furore as Priti Patel urges return of death penalty

News Fri 23 Sep, AT 13:17

Tory star slated on Twitter after saying it’s a deterrent even if innocent people get executed