Democratic Republic of Congo

Virunga National Park Congo
12 Jun, 2015

Soco International accused of paying soldiers who beat, intimidated and killed opponents of oil exploration

A man walks by with a basket of bread during the official presentation ceremony of three new human-like robots
05 Mar, 2015

'People don't respect the traffic police,' said one Congolese taxi driver. 'We should respect the robot'

Apple Inc
13 Feb, 2014

Tech industry under pressure to stop using minerals supplied by violent militias in Africa

21 Nov, 2012

Militia group takes DR Congo city, prompting fears of further conflict in this 'haunted, blood-soaked' country

Congolese rape victim and her child
16 Apr, 2010

Coline Covington: Soldiers in DR Congo are notorious rapists. Why has this behaviour spread to civilian men?