Democratic Republic of Congo

A man walks by with a basket of bread during the official presentation ceremony of three new human-like robots

Robocops brought in to direct the traffic in Kinshasa

One-Minute Read
Thu 5 Mar, AT 13:39

'People don't respect the traffic police,' said one Congolese taxi driver. 'We should respect the robot'

Apple Inc

Apple to name and shame its own 'conflict mineral' suppliers

One-Minute Read
Thu 13 Feb, AT 12:53

Tech industry under pressure to stop using minerals supplied by violent militias in Africa

Congo: threat of civil war after M23 rebels seize city of Goma

Wed 21 Nov, AT 11:07

Militia group takes DR Congo city, prompting fears of further conflict in this 'haunted, blood-soaked' country

Congolese rape victim and her child

The spread of rape spells madness in the Congo

Fri 16 Apr, AT 12:32
Coline Covington

Coline Covington: Soldiers in DR Congo are notorious rapists. Why has this behaviour spread to civilian men?

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is unamused

Tue 11 Aug, AT 09:56

‘My husband is not Secretary of State – I am!’ she corrects an out-of-order questioner in Africa