Bill de Blasio
06 Nov, 2013

De Blasio is NYC's first Democratic mayor in 20 years; but Christie sparks Republican hopes

US congress
11 Oct, 2013

Marked change in tone from White House and Republicans but still no resolution reached

08 Jan, 2013

Republicans loathe Hagel, Democrats distrust Brennan, liberals loves Prof Krugman. But he's not interested

Donald Trump
07 Nov, 2012

Furious businessman calls for a revolution in America as the internet chuckles

05 Nov, 2012

With shades of 2000, lawyers for Obama and Romney are facing off in the key states of Florida and Ohio

26 Oct, 2012

Romney campaign not helped by Sununu alleging Powell endorsed Obama because they’re both black

22 Oct, 2012

Obama is level among likely voters, but ahead among all voters: can he persuade his supporters to turn out?

19 Sep, 2012

Obama quickly exploits Republican’s 47% gaffe, saying president must represent all Americans

Scarlett Johansson
06 Sep, 2012

Johansson and Portman rumoured to be making an appearance at Democratic convention tonight