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Bill de Blasio

What de Blasio and Christie's big wins mean for America

First Reaction
Wed 6 Nov, AT 09:43

De Blasio is NYC's first Democratic mayor in 20 years; but Christie sparks Republican hopes

US congress

US shutdown: no deal struck despite offer to lift debt ceiling

One-Minute Read
Fri 11 Oct, AT 10:50

Marked change in tone from White House and Republicans but still no resolution reached

Paul Krugman spares Obama's blushes by refusing Treasury job

Tue 8 Jan, AT 10:59
Charles Laurence

Republicans loathe Hagel, Democrats distrust Brennan, liberals loves Prof Krugman. But he's not interested

US election: legal battles have already begun in key states

First Reaction
Mon 5 Nov, AT 15:50

With shades of 2000, lawyers for Obama and Romney are facing off in the key states of Florida and Ohio


Mitt Romney and the moochers: it’s all down to Ayn Rand

Wed 19 Sep, AT 08:49
Charles Laurence

Obama quickly exploits Republican’s 47% gaffe, saying president must represent all Americans

Scarlett Johansson

Obama pits Scarlett Johansson and co against Clint Eastwood

One-Minute Read
Thu 6 Sep, AT 15:38

Johansson and Portman rumoured to be making an appearance at Democratic convention tonight

Giffords gunman Jared Lee Loughner avoids death penalty

One-Minute Read
Wed 8 Aug, AT 08:47

Tucson killer strikes plea bargain after shooting six people dead in rampage, but will never get parole

Rick Santorum quits Republican presidential candidate race

Santorum quits – but damage to Republicans is already done

Wed 11 Apr, AT 07:36
Charles Laurence

The contest is now certain to be Romney v Obama and latest poll gives the President a 51 to 44 lead

Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev

Obama accused of 'caving' to Russians after nuclear mic gaffe

One-Minute Read
Tue 27 Mar, AT 13:20

US president says he can be more flexible on missile defence after the November election