Denis Macshane

Denis MacShane jailed for six months over bogus expenses

One-Minute Read Mon 23 Dec, AT 11:46

Judge tells former Labour minister the £13,000 claims represent a "flagrant breach of trust"

Denis MacShane goes down tweeting: now wait for the book

Tue 19 Nov, AT 10:21 The Mole

Within hours of pleading guilty to forging receipts, ex-MP displays his customary chutzpah

Labour triumph as UKIP claim to be 'second party of North'

First Reaction Fri 30 Nov, AT 08:56

Opposition wins three by-elections as Tories trail behind UKIP and Lib Dems lose two deposits


UKIP's Farage rejects Tory pact over PM's 'closet racists' attack

Mon 26 Nov, AT 09:37 The Mole

Cameron under pressure to withdraw 2006 remark about UKIP's 'fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists'

MacShane faces Commons ban over 'gravest' expenses fraud

First Reaction Fri 2 Nov, AT 15:32

Labour MP could face another police probe over expenses claims for his work in Europe

Bazalgette's Arts Council job has Big Brother haters in a spin

First Reaction Wed 5 Sep, AT 10:27

Chairing the Arts Council 'is about lifting public taste not reducing it to the level of the sewer' says Strong

Banker-bashing Iran style: four fraudsters sentenced to death

First Post Tue 31 Jul, AT 15:05

Iran deals harshly with perpetrators of £1.7bn fraud after public outcry against cronyism

Ecclestone Hitler

Bernie Ecclestone is the latest victim of the new McCarthyites

Column Tue 7 Jul, AT 16:34

Following in the footsteps of Glenn Hoddle and Bryan Ferry the Formula 1 boss has fallen foul of the PC brigade for his remarks about Hitler

Anti-semitism rears its head again

News Thu 16 Oct, AT 08:21

Death of far-right figurehead reveals the insidious creep of extremism, says Denis Macshane