Denis Macshane

29 Aug, 2014

The lack of social mobility in Britain and the shock findings in Rotherham have something in common

Denis Macshane
23 Dec, 2013

Judge tells former Labour minister the £13,000 claims represent a "flagrant breach of trust"

19 Nov, 2013

Within hours of pleading guilty to forging receipts, ex-MP displays his customary chutzpah

30 Nov, 2012

Opposition wins three by-elections as Tories trail behind UKIP and Lib Dems lose two deposits

26 Nov, 2012

Cameron under pressure to withdraw 2006 remark about UKIP's 'fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists'

02 Nov, 2012

Labour MP could face another police probe over expenses claims for his work in Europe

05 Sep, 2012

Chairing the Arts Council 'is about lifting public taste not reducing it to the level of the sewer' says Strong

31 Jul, 2012

Iran deals harshly with perpetrators of £1.7bn fraud after public outcry against cronyism

Ecclestone Hitler
07 Jul, 2009

Following in the footsteps of Glenn Hoddle and Bryan Ferry the Formula 1 boss has fallen foul of the PC brigade for his remarks about Hitler

16 Oct, 2008

Death of far-right figurehead reveals the insidious creep of extremism, says Denis Macshane