Department of Health

Pros and cons of privatising the NHS: could it ever work?

Thu 16 Apr, AT 09:02

Privatisation of the NHS is a hot election topic amid concerns over the health service's 'financial hole'

NHS physician

Are Jeremy Hunt's new medics just 'doctors on the cheap'?

Fri 22 Aug, AT 11:23

Government to increase the number of physician Associates, who only need two years of training

Mail on Sunday headline

#AddForLesbians: headline hashtag mocks Mail report

Mon 4 Aug, AT 14:53

Tweeters send up Mail on Sunday by tweaking classic stories under #AddForLesbiansToAHeadline hashtag

Newborn babies at hospital

Government accused of lies over three-parent babies

Mon 28 Jul, AT 14:28

Critics claim that officials are 'playing PR games' with new definition of genetic modification

Jimmy Saville at The Bupa Great North Run

Jimmy Savile 'interfered' with bodies of the dead

Thu 26 Jun, AT 11:50

Disgraced DJ suspected of 'sexually interfering' with dead bodies at Leeds General Infirmary

UK's top doctor Sally Davies admits: 'I ate hash cookies'

One-Minute Read
Mon 19 Aug, AT 12:04

Davies makes cannabis confession as she insists addiction needs to be treated as a medical issue

Anna Soubry says eating lunch at your desk is 'disgusting'

Talking Point
Thu 24 Jan, AT 10:24

Office workers brand minister 'out of touch' for saying we should all 'chill out' and have a 'proper' lunch

Flu vaccine 'over-hyped' and wastes taxpayer's money

One-Minute Read
Wed 21 Nov, AT 16:20

Experts say British public have been mislead over the effectiveness of flu jab given to millions each year

Bazalgette's Arts Council job has Big Brother haters in a spin

First Reaction
Wed 5 Sep, AT 10:27

Chairing the Arts Council 'is about lifting public taste not reducing it to the level of the sewer' says Strong

Organic food: fewer pesticides but is it more nutritious?

First Reaction
Tue 4 Sep, AT 15:02

Scientists find little difference between organic and ordinary food, but results attract criticism