Diamond Jubilee

Michael Bywater
03 Jun, 2012

Big anniversaries for the Queen and the Common Book of Prayer make this journalist proud to be English

Afghan war sketch 1800s by the artist W LLoyd
04 Jun, 2012

War in Afghanistan, an old Etonian in Downing Street and a bust economy... the last time Britain had a Diamond Jubilee

Weather - Queen's Diamond Jubilee
01 Jun, 2012

Fresh from battering the US, Beryl is set to rain on Queen's celebrations

Johnny Lydon aka Johnny Rotten
01 Jun, 2012

Sex Pistols' ex-frontman also claims that God Save the Queen was not an anti-Jubilee anthem

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip
05 Jun, 2012

Sixty years of memorable quotes by the Queen, about the Queen and from the Queen's husband

Queen Elizabeth II during the Jubilee tour
03 Jun, 2012

It's not the 60th anniversary of Elizabeth's accession nor her coronation. So what are we celebrating?

Prince Philip and the Queen
04 Jun, 2012

Longest-serving royal consort in British history described himself as an 'amoeba' – but the nation owes him more than it knows