Diane Abbott

Labour leader Ed Miliband
03 Dec, 2014

From 'weedy and square' comprehensive school pupil to opposition leader. Will Ed be the next PM?

The Mole
26 Mar, 2014

Still, the Times splash is not what Miliband needs as he faces a backbench rebellion over the welfare cap

31 Jan, 2014

From growth to bust: if ever proof were needed that a week is a long time in politics, this was it

29 Aug, 2013

Politicians divided on whether intervention will prevent future chemical attacks or lead to 'absolute disaster'

Ed Miliband
28 Aug, 2013

Tentative Labour leader wants a 'UN moment' before any military move but is highly unlikely to get it

12 Jul, 2013

Government accused of putting tobacco industry profits ahead of public health

26 Mar, 2013

Ex-BBC producer accused of 'not getting it' after saying Operation Yewtree 'overzealous'

06 Mar, 2013

But can Miliband's measured tones win over those who think he's too soft on immigration?

24 Jan, 2013

Office workers brand minister 'out of touch' for saying we should all 'chill out' and have a 'proper' lunch

Diane Abbott
22 Jan, 2013

We need a revolution in sex education to combat our hypersexual culture, says Labour MP