09 Jul, 2012

Red top tales: Minogue in film about kissing teenage girls; police in stand-off over Paris Hilton proposal

Lindsay Lohan
13 Jun, 2012

Li-Lo set for role in a 'psychosexual thriller' by Bret Easton Ellis

Jack White
25 Apr, 2012

Edward Scissorhands of rock to provide music for latest Johnny Depp blockbuster

John Carter
20 Mar, 2012

Sci-fi epic set to beat classic Hollywood disasters like Sahara and Heaven's Gate

Johnny Depp
14 Aug, 2011

The studio has pulled the plug on the project, starring Johnny Depp, because of rising costs

Imane Boudlal
24 Aug, 2010

Forbidden her hijab in the Magic Kingdom, waitress Imane Boudlal has been given a trilby hat instead

24 Nov, 2009

Chinese version of hit film franchise will be set in a Shanghai university, not a high school

08 Oct, 2009

FILM OF THE WEEK: Twitter helped sell studio’s latest offering to older viewers

01 Sep, 2009

The cartoon and theme park group is set to pay $4bn for Marvel Entertainment, owner of Spider-man and the X-Men