Kylie Minogue: from little green fairy to lesbian werewolf caper

The Tabloids
Mon 9 Jul, AT 12:50

Red top tales: Minogue in film about kissing teenage girls; police in stand-off over Paris Hilton proposal

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan to join porn star for 'full nudity' film The Canyons

One-Minute Read
Wed 13 Jun, AT 13:14

Li-Lo set for role in a 'psychosexual thriller' by Bret Easton Ellis

Jack White

Jack White to write score for The Lone Ranger film

One-Minute Read
Wed 25 Apr, AT 12:45

Edward Scissorhands of rock to provide music for latest Johnny Depp blockbuster

John Carter

John Carter could be worst flop as Disney writes off $200m

One-Minute Read
Tue 20 Mar, AT 14:57

Sci-fi epic set to beat classic Hollywood disasters like Sahara and Heaven's Gate

Johnny Depp

Disney drops Lone Ranger film weeks before filming

Sun 14 Aug, AT 15:31

The studio has pulled the plug on the project, starring Johnny Depp, because of rising costs

Imane Boudlal

Disneyland hostess banned from wearing hijab

Tue 24 Aug, AT 13:48

Forbidden her hijab in the Magic Kingdom, waitress Imane Boudlal has been given a trilby hat instead

Disney to remake High School Musical for China

Tue 24 Nov, AT 16:09

Chinese version of hit film franchise will be set in a Shanghai university, not a high school

Pixar looks to adults for ‘Up’ box office success

Thu 8 Oct, AT 10:52

FILM OF THE WEEK: Twitter helped sell studio’s latest offering to older viewers

Disney to buy rival Marvel

Tue 1 Sep, AT 09:16

The cartoon and theme park group is set to pay $4bn for Marvel Entertainment, owner of Spider-man and the X-Men