Django Unchained

Daniele Watts: actress detained by LAPD 'for kissing white partner'

One-Minute Read
Mon 15 Sep, AT 11:29

The Django Unchained star was 'accosted' by police after they 'mistook her for a prostitute'

Django unplugged: how to get round the Chinese film censors

First Post
Thu 11 Apr, AT 15:31

After the first showing of Tarantino's epic was abandoned, a guide to what the authorities don't like

Django Unchained a 'thrilling' return to form for Tarantino

Hot Ticket
Fri 18 Jan, AT 08:33

Brilliant, brutal Spaghetti Western homage, with a terrific comedy double-act in Waltz and Foxx

Tarantino blows his lid over screen violence - video

Fri 11 Jan, AT 15:10

'Django Unchained' director loses his cool over link between movie violence and the real thing

Will Smith

Will Smith to return as slave in Tarantino western

Sun 8 May, AT 15:18

Absent from the big screen since 2008 flop, Smith may star in ‘Django Unchained’