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Crispr: 'genetic scissors' that cut out mutated genes

Briefing Thu 29 Jan, AT 15:26

Technique gives scientists 'the power to rewrite the code of life' – but what about the ethical issues?

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23andMe: why have DNA kits been approved in the UK?

Briefing Tue 2 Dec, AT 14:09

DNA screening devices that profile health risks are banned in the US – but now legal in the UK

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How pioneering DNA project aims to transform cancer care

Briefing Fri 1 Aug, AT 13:00

Scientists say Britain's 100,000 Genomes Project has the potential to revolutionise medicine

Simple saliva test will detect risk of cancer

First Reaction Thu 28 Mar, AT 09:45

Routine trip to doctor could reveal markers of breast, ovarian and prostate cancer

Anti doping London 2012 Olympics drugs test

French police stumped by twins with almost identical DNA

One-Minute Read Mon 11 Feb, AT 12:57

Brothers arrested over series of rapes, but police can't say which one is to blame as DNA is too similar

DNA testing

DNA profiling promises cancer breakthrough in five years

One-Minute Read Tue 29 Jan, AT 09:10

Personalised treatment could make cancer a chronic condition, rather than a death sentence

DNA testing

Doctors stop superbug MRSA in its tracks with DNA testing

First Reaction Wed 14 Nov, AT 09:38

Inexpensive technique identified source of infection in a hospital - and could be used against E. coli and salmonella

Ethics debate opens into 'three-parent' IVF technique

Talking Point Mon 17 Sep, AT 17:34

Government is consulting on whether a technique which could prevent inherited diseases should be allowed

Genetics breakthrough: How 'junk DNA' is actually useful

Briefing Thu 6 Sep, AT 16:13

Huge team of scientists find DNA thought to be useless could revolutionise the treatment of diseases

Delroy Grant; Night Stalker

The Night Stalker: it took 17 years to make an arrest

News Mon 16 Nov, AT 08:46

There was no match on the DNA database – and he never left a fingerprint at the scene of his crimes