Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who

Doctor Who: The five least 'user-friendly' Doctors

Transfer Talk Fri 8 Aug, AT 12:07

Peter Capaldi says his Doctor will be 'less user-friendly' than his predecessors – but will he be darker than this lot?

Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who

Doctor Who series 8 scripts leak: to read or not to read?

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BBC issues plea to keep spoilers secret after five scripts, including Deep Breath, find their way online

Peter Capaldi

Doctor Who: first look at Peter Capaldi's '100% rebel' costume

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Time Lord's new look compared to that of third Doctor Jon Pertwee... and John Travolta in Grease

Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones

They're back: six great TV shows returning in 2014

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Bauer, Miller, Lannister, Draper and Underwood are all set for sensational returns to the small screen this year

American Psycho

Matt Smith's American Psycho: reviews of the musical thriller

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Musical adaptation of Brett Easton Ellis's iconic novel is "diabolically slick" but does it need more horror?

Matt Smith Dr Who

Doctor Who at 50: meet the Time Lord's biggest fans

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Whovians prove their devotion with mass Time Lord wedding, feature film and Dalek bubble bath

Amy Gillan; Doctor Who; Matt Smith

Science shows why Doctor Who is so special

Thu 21 Nov, AT 12:25 The Conversation

Fiftieth anniversary prompts philosophy lecturer Alasdair Richmond to pose some timely questions

The Night of the Doctor: mini episode released - video

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Spoiler alert: Paul McGann returns as Doctor Who in short film ahead of The Day of the Doctor

David Tennant's 'mesmerising' Richard II – reviews

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Former Doctor Who star Tennant is 'electrifying' as Shakespeare's flawed king at RSC