Dominic Lawson

Newsnight debacle: BBC is no good at investigative journalism

Talking Point
Mon 12 Nov, AT 13:57

Former Today editor says BBC needs decent journalists to run the show instead of 'grey legions'


Mitchell 'pleb' saga: revenge or diversion from police reform?

Opinion digest
Tue 25 Sep, AT 11:01

OPINION DIGEST: Mitchell's police drama, wealth taxes, and money-induced memory loss


Louise Mensch won't be last to quit the drudgery of Parliament

Opinion digest
Tue 7 Aug, AT 09:27

Opinion Digest: frustrated MPs, our national dirge and time for Nick Clegg to go


Ban on swimming in Thames stinks, says Mayor Boris

Opinion digest
Tue 3 Jul, AT 11:56

Opinion digest: the swimming edict and why we must decide – are we in or out of Europe?

Prince Andrew

Dominic Lawson sticks up for Prince Andrew

Sun 13 Mar, AT 15:15

Columnist points out that billionaire pal Epstein was not really a paedophile