10 May, 2013

Olympic champion from Dorset trapped under hull of 72ft catamaran challenging for America's Cup

05 Nov, 2012

A rainy summer has left the ground sodden - and it won't take much for flooding to occur

2012 Olympics torch
26 Jun, 2012

Olympic gossip: Sprinter tipped for Team GB, police to be stationed at 'holiday camp'

Wales floods Aberystwyth
11 Jun, 2012

Downpours set to continue for rest of June thanks to unfortunate positioning of Atlantic winds

16 May, 2012

Red top tales: Theron's 'milk fangs', Queen and Bond Olympic collaboration, 'amazing' motorist excuses

12 Mar, 2010

A 1,000-year-old mass gravein southern England was the site of a massacre, archaeologists say