Douglas Alexander

Columnist Don Brind

Labour and Lib Dem bigwigs on the high road to disaster

Wed 4 Feb, AT 08:07
Don Brind

Danny Alexander and Douglas Alexander will be toppled while Alex Salmond gets an easy ride, says new polling

Columnist Don Brind

Labour-SNP coalition adds up (if you ignore Trident issue)

Mon 2 Feb, AT 08:37
Don Brind

Projection says this is the only pairing that can win a majority – but Labour won’t budge on Trident

Jim Murphy

Scottish Labour leadership race: who's in the running?

Thu 30 Oct, AT 15:22

Jim Murphy announces his leadership ambitions but the Westminster MP is by no means a shoe-in

The Mole

Ukip celebrate, but Labour’s near-disaster is the shocker

Fri 10 Oct, AT 10:47
The Mole

More talk of Miliband’s weaknesses after Labour’s ‘shameful’ performance in a once rock-solid seat

Columnist Robert Chesshyre

Ed Miliband: The disaster is he never got a life

Tue 7 Oct, AT 12:40
Robert Chesshyre

Sadly, unless the men in white coats (or M&S suits) come for Miliband, it is too late to change leaders

White House told to 'butt out' of debate over UK's role in EU

First Reaction
Thu 10 Jan, AT 11:26

Eurosceptics furious at senior US official's call for Britain to stay a 'strong' member of Europe