Douglas Alexander

Columnist Don Brind
04 Feb, 2015

Danny Alexander and Douglas Alexander will be toppled while Alex Salmond gets an easy ride, says new polling

Columnist Don Brind
02 Feb, 2015

Projection says this is the only pairing that can win a majority – but Labour won’t budge on Trident

Jim Murphy
30 Oct, 2014

Jim Murphy announces his leadership ambitions but the Westminster MP is by no means a shoe-in

The Mole
10 Oct, 2014

More talk of Miliband’s weaknesses after Labour’s ‘shameful’ performance in a once rock-solid seat

Columnist Robert Chesshyre
07 Oct, 2014

Sadly, unless the men in white coats (or M&S suits) come for Miliband, it is too late to change leaders

10 Jan, 2013


Eurosceptics furious at senior US official's call for Britain to stay a 'strong' member of Europe