Dow Jones

The best and worst investments of the year

Wed 1 Jan, AT 10:00

It was a good year for the American stock market and a bad one for anyone who had invested in gold

Stock markets tumble across the world

One-Minute Read
Fri 24 May, AT 09:53

FTSE 100 suffers worst day in a year amid fears over US and Chinese economies

FTSE100 City shares

Hope on the horizon? Markets soar amid renewed confidence

Talking Point
Wed 8 May, AT 12:13

Experts warn of tepid growth and flimsy recovery but some say economy is in a sweet spot

AP Twitter hack by Syrian group causes £90bn US market slump

First Reaction
Wed 24 Apr, AT 11:38

'Flash crash' caused by report that Obama injured in White House explosion

Wall Street's Dow Jones and S&P hit pre-crash highs

One-Minute Read
Wed 3 Apr, AT 10:30

Markets gain momentum in the US after manufacturing boost – but London's FTSE 100 opens down

FTSE100 City shares

Dow Jones at new high as FTSE retreats

One-Minute Read
Thu 7 Mar, AT 08:58

Boost for US index came as the FTSE falls

Dow Jones and FTSE hit record highs as confidence surges

First Reaction
Wed 6 Mar, AT 09:45

Caution warning as markets return to levels not seen since before the global financial crisis

FTSE 6,000 points euphoria masks big worries about US

Thu 3 Jan, AT 09:30

US 'fiscal cliff' deal provides no basis for a meaningful improvement in debt ratios, says Moody's

Barack Obama

$64,000 question: can Obama avoid becoming a lame-duck?

Talking Point
Thu 8 Nov, AT 09:09

No shortage of advice for re-elected president as 'fiscal cliff' approaches and Wall St shows its lack of belief

A trader watches the Dow Jones break the 10,000 mark

US markets rise as report shows growth in manufacturing

Business Digest
Tue 2 Oct, AT 12:00

‘Unquestionably positive’ report shows America’s manufacturing index rose to 51.5 last month