Indian police buy pepper spray drones to control unruly mobs

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Wed 8 Apr, AT 12:07

Police in Uttar Pradesh want to use drones for crowd control and keeping track of criminals

Glowing orbs

UFO sightings: two glowing orbs 'spotted' on horizon

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Mon 9 Feb, AT 13:44

UFO experts 'summon up' mysterious lights by meditating - or it could be some nautical flares


Drones being used 'to harass people and commit crime'

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Tue 18 Nov, AT 11:44

Police warn that unmanned drones are already being used for 'nefarious purposes'

The Taranis drone

Taranis: British stealth drone passes top-secret trial

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Wed 16 Jul, AT 12:07

UK's £185m unmanned Taranis drone completes 'full stealth' flight above the Australian desert

Amazon Prime Air

Amazon drones: don't count on their delivery just yet

Tue 3 Dec, AT 09:55
The Conversation

The idea isn't new and it's easy to get a pilot's licence, says Darren Ansell. So why the delay?

Maveric Drone

US Army trials bird-like Maveric drones

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Thu 28 Nov, AT 15:16

Maveric puts observers off the scent with a split tail and flexible, rounded wings

Predator Drone

Terminator axed? France calls for ban on killer robots

Thu 14 Nov, AT 11:24

International committee to consider asking nations not to develop autonomous killing machines

MPs to question use of drones amid concerns over their ethics

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Tue 20 Nov, AT 08:56

Examination of the use of armed drones could help lift lid on 'America's secret war'

Israel shoots down mystery drone, but who does it belong to?

First Reaction
Sun 7 Oct, AT 08:01

Drone destroyed near nuclear reactor in southern Israel was probably sent by an increasingly sophisticated Hezbollah

Robert Fox

Flame and Stuxnet show Obama's commitment to Chinese cyberwar

Mon 11 Jun, AT 09:31
Robert Fox

Computer viruses are just the tip of the iceberg as the US goes all out to combat threat from China