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Will hottest year ever force US to confront climate change?

Talking Point
Wed 9 Jan, AT 11:44

Scientists hope 2012's record-breaking heat will drive climate change onto the political agenda

Food crisis fears as US drought hits corn and soya bean crops

First Reaction
Fri 20 Jul, AT 14:08

Price rises stir memories of 2007/08 food riots, but experts are split on how serious it is

Corn being harvested

World food cost 'set to soar' due to US Midwest drought

One-Minute Read
Mon 2 Jul, AT 13:05

American corn and wheat prices jump 10% in a single week as hot temperatures blight Midwest

Rain in London

Floods and tornadoes sweep Britain, but drought goes on

One-Minute Read
Thu 26 Apr, AT 15:49

Water restrictions still in place as Environment Agency issues 43 flood warnings

Hosepipe ban

Hosepipe bans announced across south-east England

First Post
Mon 12 Mar, AT 14:00

Warm weekend weather set to continue across the UK – but it comes at a price

Wheat drought Russia

Wheat prices fall from two year high

Tue 3 Aug, AT 13:35

Business Digest: A fifth of the Russian crop is ruined by drought, but the country's surplus keeps wheat prices stable