Nek-no-minate: binge drinking craze spawns offshoots - video

Thu 6 Feb, AT 13:18

From horse-riding in Tesco to charity in South Africa: internet challenges Neknominate

X Factor's Louis Walsh settles Sun libel case for £430,000

One-Minute Read
Wed 28 Nov, AT 14:28

Walsh 'entirely innocent' of false claim that he sexually assaulted man in Dublin nightclub

Katie Holmes 'rebels' against Tom by flashing black bra

The Tabloids
Fri 6 Jul, AT 11:00

Red top tales: 'Sex kitten' Holmes enters a 'new phase'; One Direction star in foul-mouthed tirade

Blacktip shark

Common ancestor of sharks and humans revealed

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Thu 14 Jun, AT 15:35

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, researchers find common ancestor

Twitter Dublin

Twitter sets up home in Dublin’s digital playground

Mon 26 Sep, AT 16:31

Social networking site is latest to join the digi-rush to Ireland