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Planetary system of Gliese 581

Alien earth 'could support life', but what is Kepler 438b like?

Wed 7 Jan, AT 12:36

Newly discovered planet is 40 per cent hotter than Earth – but sits in the 'Goldilocks zone' with liquid water

The view of Earth in handout image provided by NASA

Earth 'on brink of mass extinction event'

One-Minute Read
Fri 20 Jun, AT 10:03

Deforestation and climate change drive extinction rates to 1,000 times their normal level

Artist’s impression of Kepler-10c.

'Godzilla of earths': giant planet found by scientists

One-Minute Read
Tue 3 Jun, AT 10:54

Discovery of planet 17 times heavier than Earth raises new hope of finding life elsewhere in the universe

Solar flare on the sun

Radiation firestorm heads for earth after solar flare

Wed 8 Jun, AT 16:51

Communications systems couldbe affected by largestrelease of radiation since2006

Hugo Chavez

Chavez blames capitalism for ending life on Mars

Wed 23 Mar, AT 09:37

The Venezuelan president has a warning for earthlings tempted by the profit motive

Aurora could be visible inUK after huge solar flares

Thu 17 Feb, AT 15:14

With sun approaching peak activitytonight’s light show iscould be just the beginning