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Eastleigh by-election

Nigel Farage

Farage: I'll form 'pact' with Tories if Cameron steps down

Media Watch
Fri 8 Mar, AT 12:50

UKIP leader's growing political clout highlighted by first Murdoch meeting and increasing press scrutiny


What will convince a newspaper to give Farage their backing?

Mon 4 Mar, AT 13:10
Nigel Horne

Will a mooted by-election in Sutton Coldfield give Farage his media breakthrough, asks Nigel Horne


David Cameron's pledge not to 'lurch right' lasts barely a day

Mon 4 Mar, AT 12:14
The Mole

Tax cuts and health care limits for Bulgarians mooted within 24 hours of PM's vow to keep to centre path

After Eastleigh, Cameron's innate optimism is no longer enough

Mon 4 Mar, AT 09:57
Richard Ehrman

Number Ten still believes Miliband and Balls are eminently beatable in 2015. Yes, but...

UKIP's Eastleigh shock is a nightmare for David Cameron

First Reaction
Fri 1 Mar, AT 11:13

What the political commentators are saying about the Eastleigh by-election result

Pressure on Tories to turn right after UKIP's Eastleigh surge

Fri 1 Mar, AT 09:11
The Mole

Cameron is not a true Conservative, says Farage, who rules out any deal with Tories while Dave is in charge

David Cameron 'crisis' if Tories lose in Eastleigh - David Davis

First Post
Thu 28 Feb, AT 14:04

Voting has begun in Chris Huhne's old seat and the stakes are high for the Conservative leader

John O'Farrell - the candidate who backed Argentine fascists

Wed 27 Feb, AT 11:49
Crispin Black

Why did Ed Miliband allow Labour, which is backed by many patriots, to pick O'Farrell for Eastleigh?

Boris Johnson tells ministers to 'come clean' over immigration

One-Minute Read
Thu 21 Feb, AT 11:43

Clegg is a 'great big vacillating jelly of indecision' over immigration, says London mayor