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Ebooks and ereaders

Kindle 2

Waterstones signs with 'devil' Amazon to sell Kindles and ebooks

One-Minute Read
Mon 21 May, AT 14:46

Book retailer ditches plans to develop its own device with surprise Kindle contract

Barnes & Noble

Microsoft and Barnes & Noble team up to boost Nook e-reader

First Reaction
Tue 1 May, AT 09:01

Huge $605 million investment will help Nook compete against Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad

Jonathan Franzen

Franzen says ebooks are not compatible with justice

One-Minute Read
Mon 30 Jan, AT 08:53

Printed books are 'hated by capitalists', says author, but serious readers prefer them

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire undercuts iPad and burns Google

Thu 29 Sep, AT 12:06

Talking Point: Buy a Fire - as long as you don't mind Amazon knowing everything about you

Amazon launches cheap and cheerful Kindle Fire

Wed 28 Sep, AT 17:00

Amazon’s new tablet is no iPad – but it’s really cheap

blackberry playbook

Kindle Fire launches – but you should wait for v2

Tue 27 Sep, AT 16:48

Amazon has rushed its new colour tablet, say bloggers. Wait for the second generation version

Amazon Kindle e-reader Odyssey Editions

Sales of ebooks overtake paperbacks at Amazon

Fri 28 Jan, AT 12:16

Business Digest: Kindle ebooks more popular than old-fashioned paperbacks

Google HQ

Google Editions ebooks store set to go live

Wed 1 Dec, AT 15:56

The search giant's venture into ebooks is expected to be launched in the US by the end of the year


Apple in censorship row over erotic iPad ebooks

Wed 28 Jul, AT 14:13

Why did all the adultfiction titles on Apple’sbestseller list suddenlydisappear?

Cool-er e-reader by Interead

British e-reader company behind Cool-er goes bust

Wed 14 Jul, AT 15:20

Business Digest: Once claiming 20 per cent of the UK market, Interead leaves field to likes of iPad and Kindle