Couple walking on beach in silhouette
25 Sep, 2014

Advisory group says practice should be decriminalised as it isn't up to the courts to uphold social taboos

A guard stands behind a locked gate at Pentonville prison
12 Aug, 2014

But Strasbourg upholds previous ruling that blanket ban on prisoners voting is unlawful

A mother and child outside an East London Mosque
17 Jul, 2014

Rightwingers and feminists are united against the burka, but their opponents say a ban would be un-British

British Prime Minister David Cameron
17 Jul, 2014

David Cameron wants to curb the European Court of Human Rights but not everyone in his party backs the plan

18 Feb, 2014

Sentencing for Lee Rigby killers can go ahead as Court of Appeal upholds ‘life means life’ terms

02 Jan, 2014

Jailing worst offenders for 'hundreds' of years could be solution to ECHR ban on whole-life tariffs

05 Dec, 2013

Former lord chief justice supports right of UK to defy European court on issues such as jail votes

Godfrey Bloom UKIP MEP
07 Aug, 2013

Bloom stands by his foreign aid remarks, saying it's 'what people at the cricket club think'

09 Jul, 2013

Curtail ECHR's role in the UK says minister after court ruling challenges whole-life sentences