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Economic crisis

Mervyn King

Is Mervyn King right to suggest economic recovery is in sight?

First Reaction
Fri 15 Mar, AT 11:17

Bank of England governor makes cheery forecast but some ask 'why should we believe him?'


UK to tell Romania: stay away - there are no jobs and it rains

One-Minute Read
Mon 28 Jan, AT 09:39

Negative ad campaign considered as one option to reduce immigration from Romania and Bulgaria

Brad Pitt

$10m fee for a movie star? Yesterday’s news, says Brad

One-Minute Read
Tue 11 Sep, AT 14:22

Film actors are felling the pinch like everyone else, says one half of Brangelina. Well, up to a point...

Unilever to treat Europe like Asia as 'poverty returns'

One-Minute Read
Tue 28 Aug, AT 13:25

As eurozone crisis reduces consumer spending, company applies lessons from its poorer markets


Poundland profits jump 27% as ABs go budget shopping

One-Minute Read
Tue 3 Jul, AT 10:24

£1-an-item chain plans to open hundreds more stores as recession brings in middle-class customers

US unemployment

Unemployment is world's fastest rising worry

One-Minute Read
Mon 12 Dec, AT 15:37

Six times more people are worried about losing their job now than in 2009, BBC survey claims

House prices fall

UK house prices rose again in November says Nationwide

One-Minute Read
Tue 29 Nov, AT 12:23

Prices 'surprisingly resilient' says lender, but it's down to a lack of supply

Shop closing down; Britain's recession; economy

UK quarterly growth figures downgraded

Wed 5 Oct, AT 16:04

Business digest: ONS says the economy grew by just 0.1% between April and June