Ed Balls

17 Jan, 2014

The value of taxpayer-owned banks drops by £1bn – and Osborne outflanks him with £7 minimum wage support

10 Jan, 2014

Labour missed a trick in 2010: now they're taking Lib Dems seriously in case it proves necessary

16 Dec, 2013

Alistair Darling, now running No campaign in Scotland, will be free soon. And he's boring – which is good

31 Oct, 2013

'Battle for control' between Miliband and Balls as Labour goes into today's vote still dithering

29 Oct, 2013

Shadow chancellor’s expensive mistake over removal of Haringey official raises questions of judgment

23 Sep, 2013

Shadow chancellor refuses to join the 'I told Gordon to fire Damian' brigade - and uses the S-word to boot

21 Aug, 2013

Officials have privately voiced concerns over the spiralling budget of the High Speed rail link

06 Aug, 2013

Latest YouGov poll puts Labour's lead over Tories at only four per cent - and then there's the economy, stupid

02 Aug, 2013

Veteran Labour MP is not alone in his worries that Ed Miliband cannot bring the party victory in 2015 election