Bank of England

Funding for Lending 'to be put on steroids'

One-Minute Read Tue 12 Mar, AT 08:00

Scheme will be extended beyond 2013 and directed more towards small businesses, says FT

After Eastleigh, Cameron's innate optimism is no longer enough

Mon 4 Mar, AT 09:57 Richard Ehrman

Number Ten still believes Miliband and Balls are eminently beatable in 2015. Yes, but...

Miliband and Balls 'caught out' over 10p tax revival

Thu 14 Feb, AT 16:29 The Mole

Labour leader's tax announcement misfires after old interview reveals he supported 10p rate's abolition

No-one happy as left and right attack Labour welfare reforms

First Reaction Fri 4 Jan, AT 14:54

Is 'guaranteed' job scheme a raid on rich pensioners or an attack on the out-of-work?


Ed Balls blames his stammer for poor show against Osborne

Thu 6 Dec, AT 10:47 The Mole

Weak excuse, say his critics - and with the Tories squeezing benefits, Balls need to get his act together

Growth won't just happen: so when will Osborne get a grip?

Thu 6 Dec, AT 08:50 Richard Ehrman

Reform of planning and employment law has been endlessly promised but never seems to happen


Blood, sweat and tears: no end in sight to austerity measures

Wed 5 Dec, AT 17:04 The Mole

George Osborne hits benefit claimants hardest - but many middle-class taxpayers will suffer too

First 4G network could launch this month after peace talks

One-Minute Read Tue 2 Oct, AT 15:24

Plans to bring airspace auction forward could stave off legal threat from EE rivals

Ed Balls

Balls tells Osborne to 'shoot my fox' on 4G stamp duty plan

First Reaction Mon 1 Oct, AT 14:00

The shadow chancellor set out his £3bn house-building plan, then offered the policy to the government to enact