Ed Balls


Francois Hollande: win gives Miliband chance to push Plan B

Mon 7 May, AT 09:45
The Mole

French result presents Labour with a political opportunity, but there are dangers too

Bank of England

Double-dip recession or not? Blanchflower slams Coalition 'spin'

First Post
Mon 30 Apr, AT 12:03

Coalition cheerleaders have been questioning accuracy of figures that show UK is in recession


Is Britain being ruined by bank holidays?

Opinion digest
Tue 10 Apr, AT 11:50

Opinion roundup: Why we need holidays, our dilettante PM, Ken and Boris take over the mayoral race


Politicians can’t win the pasty eating prolier-than-thou game

Opinion digest
Fri 30 Mar, AT 13:29

Opinion digest: Pasty politics, government by the rich, home ownership and French sex scandals


Budget 2012: Tories fear Osborne's reverse Robin Hood

Wed 21 Mar, AT 10:16
The Mole

Labour plan to accuse Chancellor of cutting the welfare budget to help the rich

'Olympics are an opportunity to protest,' says Unite union boss

One-Minute Read
Wed 29 Feb, AT 09:28

Len McCluskey says it's 'unthinkable' that the Games should gloss over austerity Britain

Richard Ehrman

The secrets of George Osborne: it's time he explained himself

Tue 21 Feb, AT 07:30
Richard Ehrman

With the Budget approaching, the only indication of what might be in it has come from the Lib Dems


Payback time as Ed Miliband faces angry Unite showdown

Mon 20 Feb, AT 08:56
The Mole

Pressure grows as Labour NEC member threatens an 'Arab Spring' move to find new party leader