Ed Davey

18 Oct, 2012

PM's pledge to force energy companies to put customers on cheapest tariffs appears to vanish overnight

Richard Ehrman
26 Sep, 2012

The mansion tax and other unspecified impositions risk putting the Lib Dems to the Left of Labour

16 Jul, 2012

Tory backbenchers might hate teaming up with the Lib Dems - but they dread a snap election

Fuel panic drives up petrol sales by 80 per cent
30 Mar, 2012

Conflicting advice said to be responsible for forecourt chaos after fuel strike threat

21 Feb, 2012

If Cameron wants to reassure voters, how about Lib Dem David Laws as Lansley’s replacement?

06 Feb, 2012

Subsidies appear safe, but it's changes to planning laws that could really scupper wind farms

03 Feb, 2012

Cabinet minister and ex-wife face jail time if it is proved that they perverted the course of justice