Egyptian defence minister and his French counterpart in the presence of President Sisi

Egypt buys French fighter jets as press rattles sabre

First Reaction Wed 18 Feb, AT 13:32

Egyptian newspapers are full-throated in their support for military action against Islamic State

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi making a televised statement

Egypt 'avenges' Coptic Christians killed by Islamic State

One-Minute Read Mon 16 Feb, AT 09:07

Islamic State targets in Libya hit by Egyptian forces after militants behead 21 Christians in gruesome video

Peter Greste's brother, Andrew, holding a picture of Peter

Peter Greste: why Al-Jazeera journalist was freed in Egypt

One-Minute Read Mon 2 Feb, AT 09:09

Australian correspondent says he will now fight to win the release of his two colleagues from jail

Abdul Fattah al-Sisi

Sinai attacks: Islamist militants kill 26 in Egyptian peninsula

One-Minute Read Fri 30 Jan, AT 11:49

Group which pledged allegiance to Islamic State carried out simultaneous attacks on military targets

Tomb of previously unknown queen unearthed in Egypt

One-Minute Read Mon 5 Jan, AT 12:04

Discovery will 'shed light' on Fifth Dynasty pharaohs who witnessed the construction of the first pyramids

Africa's growing population

Jobs, security, investment: Africa’s next billion

Advertisement Feature Tue 16 Sep, AT 07:42

By 2050, Africa’s population will hit 2.4 billion. What effect will this have and what opportunities will it present for your business?

Africa's population to pass 2.4bn by 2050

Advertisement Feature Tue 16 Sep, AT 07:40

Nigeria's population is expected to surpass the US by 2050. Where else will the continent grow?

Protesters hold placards showing the 'Rabia sign' which has become the symbol of the Rabaa massacre

Egypt's Rab'a massacre: what we know now

Briefing Thu 14 Aug, AT 15:44

A year after 1,000 people died in Cairo's Rab'a Square, investigators says mass killings went 'according to plan'

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

Sisi: Al Jazeera journalists should not have been tried

One-Minute Read Mon 7 Jul, AT 12:40

Egyptian president acknowledges the 'very negative' impact the verdict had on international relations