Morsi decree makes him Egypt’s ‘new pharaoh’ say critics

First Reaction Fri 23 Nov, AT 10:05

‘A major blow to the revolution’ says ElBaradei as president hands himself sweeping new powers

Israeli missile 'error' kills nine members of Gaza family

One-Minute Read Mon 19 Nov, AT 08:59

Air strike meant for leader of Hamas rocket teams kills nine members of the wrong family

Israel shoots down mystery drone, but who does it belong to?

First Reaction Sun 7 Oct, AT 08:01

Drone destroyed near nuclear reactor in southern Israel was probably sent by an increasingly sophisticated Hezbollah

After Yemeni death, is al-Qaeda involved in Prophet protests?

First Post Thu 13 Sep, AT 15:34

Some suspect AQAP involvement as Yemeni is shot dead entering US embassy in Sana’a

Libyan man inside the US compound in Benghazi

US ambassador killed in Libya protest over Mohammed film

One-Minute Read Wed 12 Sep, AT 09:07

Missions in Cairo and Benghazi beseiged over video depicting Mohammed as ‘buffoon and womaniser’

Egyptian president annoys US, Iran and Syria at summit

First Reaction Thu 30 Aug, AT 15:11

Mohamed Morsi supports Syrian rebels, but his presence in Tehran is also likely to anger the US

President Morsi promises to stop detaining journalists

First Reaction Fri 24 Aug, AT 15:44

After rising concern about press freedom in Egypt, Morsi steps in – but is it a cynical gesture?


Cameron's free Olympic tickets might cost him public support

Opinion digest Tue 14 Aug, AT 12:07

Opinion digest: Cameron's Olympic junket, Egyptian democracy, and the risks of Sunday trading

Egypt-Israel peace treaty 'must be revised' to stop Sinai terror

First Reaction Wed 8 Aug, AT 10:48

Upsurge in Islamist violence in supposedly demilitarised Sinai desert is a tricky issue for old enemies


There are jobs available in UK - ask any Eastern European

Opinion digest Tue 26 Jun, AT 10:19

Opinion Digest: the rights and wrongs of welfare reform and the failure of the Rio Earth Summit