Egypt's ex-army chief and leading presidential candidate, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
06 May, 2014

Leading presidential candidate says Muslim Brotherhood will have no place in Egypt

Egyptian women faint outside the courtroom
28 Apr, 2014

Amnesty condemns 'farcical' mass trial amid crackdown that has seen 16,000 arrested

Syria's vacant chair
26 Mar, 2014

Little to celebrate as divided Arab League meets for 25th anniversary summit in Kuwait

Robert Fox
25 Mar, 2014

Al-Sisi needs to get a grip if US and secular middle classes are to support his leadership

20 Feb, 2014

Al Jazeera accused of being a 'mouthpiece of Islamists' as terrorism trial gets underway

28 Jan, 2014

Mohammed Morsi silenced by government as he faces charges relating to 2011 jail break

07 Jan, 2014

The feat Sharon pulled off in the Yom Kippur War made him a heroic general and saviour of Israel

20 Aug, 2013

US President, under fire for indecision, is reported to have stopped aid as US reviews Egypt relations

19 Aug, 2013

The notion that the Arab Spring would produce stable, democratic, open government was naive and even delusional

Hosni Mubarak
19 Aug, 2013

Obama under pressure to respond to army violence as 36 prisoners killed by tear gas