Egypt elections

President Hosni Mubarak
20 Jun, 2012

Conspiracy theories abound as former Egyptian despot is moved from prison to hospital after a stroke

18 Jun, 2012

Presidential election result is overshadowed by army's appropriation of sweeping new powers

Egypt elections
23 May, 2012

Egyptians get to choose their leader for the first time in their country's history today. Who are the leading candidates?

07 Dec, 2011

Artists fear for future but Muslim Brotherhood says it is more concerned with economy

22 Nov, 2011

Hopes of a new era of democracy in the Middle East may have been dangerously naive

21 Nov, 2011

Only the military and the Islamists want the election to go ahead – and they appear to have cut a deal

21 Nov, 2011

Elections under threat as military junta appears to be refusing to relinquish power

Hosni Mubarak
03 Aug, 2011

Former Egyptian president is wheeled in on bed for first day in court, but not everyone was satisfied