Ellen DeGeneres

Two women pose for an 'usie' in Hyde Park

Usies vs selfies: the latest web photo trend

Talking Point
Fri 1 Aug, AT 12:24

Social bonding or rampant narcissism? Academics argue over the cultural significance of 'usies'

Oscars: 12 Years A Slave best picture, but Gravity pulls in most gongs

First Reaction
Mon 3 Mar, AT 09:40

The biggest winner of the night was host Ellen DeGeneres whose 'epic selfie' tweet went viral

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell and Howard Stern top US TV earners

Fri 9 Aug, AT 09:59

Reality shows are a lucrative business, as talent contest judges earn $95m each in one year

Princess Jennifer Aniston is pregnant, possibly

Guilty read
Tue 18 Dec, AT 13:18

Fresh from the tabloids: the 'evidence' is piling up that the former Mrs Brad Pitt is with child

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart romance is 'fake'

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Thu 1 Nov, AT 12:22

Tabloid tales: 'Robsten' reunion is a 'showmance' for fans; Nicole Scherzinger doesn't know who the PM is

Did Barack Obama make an oral sex joke about Michelle?

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Fri 8 Jun, AT 14:32

Red top tales: US president quips about wife 'going down', Playboy reveals who calls for sex chat most

Kanye West diamond teeth

Kanye West replaces teeth with diamonds in ‘gap year’

Wed 20 Oct, AT 20:16

After 13 months away the well-travelled rapper returns to the public eye

Portia De Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres

Portia De Rossi wants to become Portia DeGeneres

Tue 10 Aug, AT 10:07

Actress files court papers to take wife Ellen De Generes’ surname

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen DeGeneres in early exit from American Idol

Fri 30 Jul, AT 10:43

Jennifer Lopez tipped to replace DeGeneres who didn’t enjoy ‘hurting people’s feelings’