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Employment: jobs market at its healthiest since 2008

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Mon 3 Jun, AT 12:58

More vacancies on offer in May than April and 17% more than a year earlier, according to the Reed Job Index

Unemployment UK

Resolution Foundation claims 'jobs gap' remains

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Tue 28 May, AT 14:22

930,000 'jobs gap' in the economy which will still be wide open in 2018

UK growth downgrade means gloomy times until 2015

First Reaction
Wed 14 Nov, AT 13:30

Bank of England says UK output unlikely to return to 2008 peak until general election year

Nick Clegg growth fund so far behind targets it's 'scandalous'

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Tue 11 Sep, AT 07:43

After two years, only 5,200 of 36,800 new jobs promised for 2014 had been delivered by Regional Growth Fund


Clegg recycles job scheme as youth unemployment gets toxic

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Fri 25 Nov, AT 13:14

This scheme is the Future Jobs Fund resurrected: scrapping minimum wage is a better solution